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KSI Capital Corp Lends Developer $7.5 Million for Costa Rica Residential Project

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Paramus, New Jersey, November 01, 2007 — If there was anyone who knew a good investment when he saw one, it was Bill Gale, Chairman of Paragon Properties of Costa Rica, LLC. And he knew of just such an opportunity in Costa Rica, Central America.

When you ask people who have been there, most will tell you that Costa Rica is the epitome of beauty. Bounded to the east and west by the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans, the country is nestled in the tropics, yet boasts over 12 distinct climates. Located between Panama and Nicaragua, it’s a lovely, peaceful country, with average temperatures ranging from about 72 degrees to around 89 degrees F, and is covered with lush, tropical flora. There are an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 indigenous plant and animal species. It is, in fact, many people’s idea of the perfect investment for a vacation home or retirement. And Bill Gale knew this quite well.

An experienced world traveler and successful developer of countless real estate projects, he had owned 11 different subdivisions in Costa Rica for some time, intending, and wanting, to build a residential community when the time was right. He felt that time was now, and was convinced he could utilize his expertise in land acquisition, and building homes at a realistic cost, while at the same time staying in complete harmony with the country's breathtakingly diverse environment. To accomplish his goals, and bring his vision to life, Bill brought together a team of young, experienced engineers and contractors with global backgrounds. And everything was in place – except for one thing.

Bill required a loan with which to develop the infrastructure on the lots, and he wanted things in place rather quickly. He was seeking funding to complete the infrastructure and begin vertical development, time was running out,replica prada bags and there was suddenly a paucity of lenders willing to accept raw land as collateral within the specified time frame. Despite the beauty of the landscape, things were looking a bit gloomy. . . until he discovered KSI Capital.

Since 1986, KSI, a direct private lender in Paramus, New Jersey, has been providing solutions to borrowers who have little or no success in dealing with the mainstream lending industry. Along the way, KSI has built a reputation of being able to not only handle the tough loans, but to close them in a reasonable amount of time. KSI is known both domestically and internationally as a private lender with the experience and the expertise to handle virtually anything that comes along. And they were about to prove it to Bill Gale.

“This was good news to Bill,” said KSI President Henry Haskell, “because he needed something quick, and it had to be right. So our firm’s experience in international real estate endeavors was crucial. Two weeks after Bill contacted us, we flew down to Miami to meet with him. We listened to his proposal, looked him in the eye, and liked what he saw. We shook hands, and the deal was done.”

“There are lots of companies selling land in Costa Rica, and you seem to see new ones coming online every single week. But Paragon is different. They’re leading the way in development along the country’s beautiful Southern Pacific coast. And with his years of experience in the industry, Bill’s valuable insights let him know just exactly what will work and what will not work in the development of Costa Rican land.”

Bill Gale had this to say about the proceedings: “Working with Henry was a pleasure. He put tons of work into this deal, and Henry’s calmly professional attitude helped things run as smoothly as possible. We’ll be able to deliver the infrastructure on time and then begin vertical development right on schedule. Our team couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.”

Paragon Properties of Costa Rica is but one example of the broad spectrum of borrowers responding to KSI Capital’s ability to make loans with incredible speed and consummate professionalism. With extensive experience in both the lending and real estate industries, KSI specializes in the unique and/or unconventional loan, replica balenciaga handbags paying particular attention to the specific needs and circumstances of the borrower. KSI makes loans from $1 million to $50 million, with a loan commitment measured in mere days. Specializing in land development and construction, both domestically and abroad, KSI Capital offers a viable option to what can often be a very expensive equity partner. KSI is a leader in the private lending industry when a project is in need of fast and flexible funds.

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